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Calcul of vapour pressure
(with specified Antoine's coefficients)

Input :

Temperature Unit 
Antoine A
Antoine B
Antoine C
Formula scale 
Pressure Unit 

Result :

Vapour pressure (mmHg)
Vapour pressure (kPa)
Vapour pressure (bar)
Vapour pressure (psia)

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How to use this calculation tool

This tool calculates the product vapour pressure at a specified temperature using given Antoine's coefficients and formula. The formula log10(P)=A-B/(C+T) applies when "log base 10" is selected and ln(P)=A-B/(C+T) when "natural log" is selected.

For example, if you know that Antoine's coefficients for ethanol are AEthanol=18.9119, BEthanol=3803.98 and CEthanol=-41.68 for ln (base e) formula with temperature in K and pressure in mmHg.
Then PEthanol_293K is P=e18.9119-3803.98/(-41.68+293)= 43.6367 mmHg.

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