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Empty vessel may be purge to remove accumulated vapours. Purge operations occur for example at startup and shutdown or between batches.

Emissions to atmosphere during purge operations can be estimated using a simple purge model that takes in input the volume, purge flow rate and purge duration.

For a long enough purge duration, the model consists in calculating the emissions corresponding to the purge of the whole vapour contained in the tank.

In order to apply the model, following assumptions apply:

  • There is no residual liquid in the vessel (anymore evaporation of liquid can occur),
  • The vapour in the vessel is in equilibrium with the liquid which was removed.


A 6 m3 reactor vessel was cooled to 20°C (293.15°K) and the contents, an acetone solvent, were pumped out leaving only vapours. The vessel is then purged with a 100 m3/h flow of nitrogen during 2 minutes.

Calculated acetone emissions during purge operation are: 1.508 kg

References :
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